The search engine Google lists close to 60 million entries for the word ‘sushi’. One site alone gives access to over half a million sushi and sushi-related images. Of course, this already large number increases all the time, so it can be a daunting task to identify good, informative web sites which are not influenced by commercial interests. Listed below are the URL’s for a few important ones that I have personally found useful. – encyclopedic site with a wealth of information about sushi, including sushi-jargon, glossary, kanji, etiquette, illustrations, recipes, calorie counts, and books. – the free on-line enclycopedia, Wikipedia, has much factual, and generally correct, information about sushi. – American site that includes items on the history of sushi, glossary, and some information on making sushi. – has a wealth of questions and answers about sushi and sashimi. – interesting site devoted to sushi and sashimi, ‘the jewels of Japanese cuisine’; includes a short, idiosyncratic listing of sushi restaurants, all but one in Japan. – sushi and sake guide with information concerning their history, recipes, glossary, and a special section on seasonal variations. – global listing of over three thousand sushi restaurants as well as reader generated tips about comportment in a sushi bar. – comprehensive guide to sushi, sushi recipes, how to eat sushi, and maps and directions for finding sushi restaurants all over the world. It also contains an accessible glossary with some imaginative links for the sushi enthusiast. – general information about Japanese food and culture. – site with multiple links to others dealing with sushi history, recipes, etiquette, and books. – easy to use reference glossary that includes terms both for food and for common utensils. – lists an enormous number of Japanese restaurants world-wide, although it does not guarantee that all serve sushi, and has sections on history, etiquette, recipes, etc., as well as links to other sites. The glossary is particularly helpful. – useful on-line dictionary that also provides the kanji characters when the Japanese word is entered in Roman alphabet. –  useful on-line English/Japanese, Japanese/English dictionary.

  • Mouritsen, Ole G.: Sushi: Food for the Eye, the Body & the Soul
    Springer; New York
    1st English ed., 2009, 360pp, 429 illus., 397 in color., Hardcover
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    At the over-matured sushi
    the Master
    is full of regret

    - Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694)