1. Sushi – Zen, passion, science & wellness

Sushi is a food that nourishes the body, enriches the brain, and is a delight for the eye. Sushi is a healthy food, in which the quality of the raw ingredients, the taste, the chemical composition, the physical texture, and the aesthetic presentation are inseparable entities. Sushi is a food where the pleasure taken in its preparation and the artistry of the presentation are just as important to the whole experience as the meal itself. Sushi encompasses passion, science, and wellness. Sushi is Zen.

The origins of sushi are rooted in fish preservation. Fresh fish starts to decompose quickly, but in earlier times there were no effective means of cooling or freezing it. The only possible way to prevent fish from spoiling in transit or in the warehouse was first to cure it in salt and then to ferment it. It was found that allowing the fish to ferment together with cooked rice resulted in an interesting taste and a pleasing texture. Sushi had been invented.

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    At the over-matured sushi
    the Master
    is full of regret

    - Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694)